Hit Solid Irons - IronSolid

The pursuit of a well struck iron shot

Hit a solid golf iron shot every time. This very simple but effective device will change the quality of your iron play and improve your game.  Two years of extensive research went into developing and patenting the IronSolid training device, in minutes you will see improvement in your ball striking, guaranteed! IronSolid! Hit it Solid! 

The principle behind the IronSolid training device is to train your muscle memory and hand eye coordination to strike the golf ball with a descending blow at the correct angle of attack, every time. 

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Practicing with the IronSolid training device will facilitate striking the golf ball with your hands in front of the clubface upon impact, producing the proper angle of attack and eliminating the ground from getting in the way of the club face. The result will be a quality iron shot, club face impacting the golf ball first then the ground on the target side of the golf ball. This will eliminate "fat" shots, and the biggest intuitive mistake when hitting iron shots, trying to slide the golf club under the golf ball to get the ball airborne.


The goal is to hit the golf ball without contacting the IronSolid training device on your take away or when attacking the golf ball with the club.  Start at a moderate pace and build up to a full shot.  In a very short time you will get the feel for solid contact and your golf game will improve. IronSolid  Hit it Solid!