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Hit Solid Irons - IronSolid

The pursuit of a well struck iron shot

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In Pursuit of Solid Iron Shots

Like you, I became frustrated with the quality and lack of consistency of my iron play. My golf scores were going up. I am a student of the game, a recreational golfer with a current handicap of 11.2, residing in Western Pennsylvania. This IronSolid was invented to share with all golfers a way that can dramatically improve the quality of your golf experience by training you to hit consistent well struck iron shots, just like the tour professionals.

The IronSolid was inspired by AJ Bonar and his golf teaching philosophy,and his book The Truth about Golf. AJ's philosophy that you don't hit a golf ball with a golf swing-you hit the golf ball with a golf club, and there is no "perfect" golf swing, changed everything about the game of golf for me.

After much research and study of high-speed super slow motion videos of over 50 tour professionals hitting an iron shot, and tinkering with numerous practice methods the IronSolid device was developed for my own pursuit of hitting a well struck iron shot every time. A solid long iron hit to a tucked pin is the most rewarding shot in golf for me. Golf is a skill that needs to be practiced, practicing with the IronSolid improved the quality of my iron play, and as a result lowered my scores. It can do the same for you.

I carry the IronSolid device in my golf bag and use it every single time at the practice range and in my practice sessions. Other golfers have approached me while I am using the device and ask me the philosophy behind the device and where they can get one. Deciding to make this training device available to the golfing public through this website is sharing my blessings back to the great game of golf.

Purchase the device, practice, persist without exception, and improve the quality of your iron play and golfing experience. Watch the video below of me using the IronSolid to sharpen my iron play. Purchase the device by hitting this link. Purchase the IronSolid