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IronSolid Blog

Tour Striker Review vs. IronSolid

Posted by ironsolid on July 22, 2013 at 11:30 AM

Tour Striker golf training club review, this iron training device is getting a lot of publicity. The premise of the Tour Striker is very similar to the IronSolid training device, promote a descending blow when hitting an iron shot.


Here is my review and the differences that are obvious between the IronSolid and Tour Striker.


Both devices are training the same concept, promote muscle memory for the correct solid contact with a golf ball with an iron or a hybrid club.


The points of difference are:


#1 cost, the Tour Striker costs $99.99/$129.99 and the IronSolid costs $29.99, less than a dozen of quality golf balls.


#2 the Tour Striker comes in several iron sizes, i.e. 8 iron, 7 iron, Wedge and also comes in a Pro Model, which one do you choose? You use your own clubs with the IronSolid training device.


#3 the length loft and lie of the Tour Striker is not easily custom fitted for your particular golf swing and is an additional cost, because you are using your own clubs (and if they are fitted properly) this is not a problem with the IronSolid training device.


#4 you can use the IronSolid with any iron or hybrid from any lie, even out of the sand, with your own set of clubs, with the Tour Striker you have to buy multiple clubs to accomplish the same thing.


#5 you can store the IronSolid in your golf bag after your pre round practice session, if you use the Tour Striker you will have to remove it from your bag before teeing off so that you keep yourself at the 14 club limit, otherwise you will incur penality.


One of the main advantages of the IronSolid training device is the simplicity and the rate of skill development in a very short time. The IronSolid helps promote the correct angle of attack that has been precisely measured with high speed video cameras of tour player swings, within one practice session you will begin improving the quality of the contact with your irons.


I believe the Tour Striker is an excellent idea and product, what the training device promotes is exactly what the IronSolid device accomplishes, the difference being, cost and simplicity, and with the IronSolid you are using your own set of clubs.


Hit it Solid!


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