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IronSolid Blog

IronSolid Blog

Patience. Is there a quick fix for iron play?

Posted by ironsolid on July 27, 2013 at 7:00 PM

Where has all the patience gone in this world? Smart phones, Texting,Twitter, Social Media, Reality TV, people are geared towards instant and immediate response. Everyone wants it NOW!

The process or the journey to get your golf swing tuned is 99% of the fun in golf.   When I play the game it is the test of my practice sessions, the feed back is my score.  More importantly I chart my rounds, if you are not charting your rounds you should be.  The information is invaluable.  Where do you lose your strokes when you take the test?

Lately I have worked extremely hard on my short game, my wedge play and my putting.  My scores have reflected that practice. Double bogeys or worse are becoming very rare on my score card now a days, birdies more frequent.  My sand play isn't the greatest and sometimes shoots me in the foot, but I know that.  Putting is takes practice, which is going well for me.

Is there a quick fix in the golf swing?  Yes it is called PATIENCE.  Let's face it, I am in the training aid business with the IronSolid product.  I invested the time in the research and the investment to patent the product and go to production.  Why? I want to give something back to the recreational golfer, because that is what I am.  I am YOU, the mid to high handi-capper. Can professionals and low handi-cappers use the IronSolid, absolutely but that is not the golfer that the IronSolid is intended for, it is the once a week golfer that struggles with iron play, particularly ball striking skills, and has little time to practice.

Patience is what inspired me to come up with a training aid to help my iron play.  I took a golf lesson (once), I dropped 30 bucks for a 30 minute lesson with a teaching pro, what was I taught?  Grip, stance, alignment.  Not once did that teaching pro explain to me what differentiated the professional from the recreational golfer, and it wasn't the fact that I am bigger and stronger than 95% of the touring professionals and I can not hit a 5 iron 205 yards. I was patient and I did grip, stance, an alignment for 12 years (bought 3 new sets of game improvement irons), my game didn't improve, in fact it got worse.

Once I was educated on what actually takes place (the physics) when the best players on this planet hit an iron shot then the light bulb went off, for me.  The drill I used to train me to hit down on the golf ball with an iron led to the development of the IronSolid. The drill was sound, I was not, and taking that drill to the practice range was embarassing.  There is no quick fix to the golf swing.  Patience was the quick fix.

Here is my point, if you play recreational golf and want to improve your iron play, the key is patience.  Be patient, make sure you are practicing intelligently, if you are losing shots from the tee box, then get that driver out and find that groove.  My research points towards iron shots being the number one place most recreational golfers lose shots.  So I practice irons the majority of the time. Short game is the number one area, wedges.  You don't need a full swing to play those shots so any golfer can get skilled in that area. But have the patience to practice, don't complain about your score if all you are doing is taking the test and never studying for it, and then wondering why you are not improving. 

The season is winding down, three more months of play up here in Western PA.  The quick fix for iron play is the IronSolid. The question is do you have the PATIENCE?

Hit it Solid. IronSolid! Buy the IronSolid Here

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