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IronSolid Blog

IronSolid Blog

Golf Basics - a Ball, a Stick, and Hand-Eye Coordination

Posted by ironsolid on April 23, 2014 at 8:40 AM

There is a ball, a tool and hand-eye coordination. That pretty much sums up the golf swing to me. This wisdom was given to me by AJ Bonar.

First of all the ball is not moving, unlike baseball where you have an opponent standing 60’6” away pissed off at you and ready to throw a baseball at you with trickery, the golf ball just sits there waiting to be hit.

Second the tool, or the golf club, what you need to understand is the golf club is a two lever tool. In contrast a baseball bat is a one lever tool, so do not try to use the golf club in that manner. The golf club has the shaft and the club head, the shaft is the carrier and provides one mechanical advantage, the club head is the other and provides the second and most important mechanical advantage when using the tool. This must be understood in order to play golf efficiently and with less effort.

Third – you must possess hand-eye coordination – thank fully this can be trained with specific practice. The best players of golf in the world are the best tool users. They all know how to use the tool in the impact zone, and they all do the same thing in that impact zone regardless of what their individual swing looks like to the naked eye. This is one common denominator among the world’s best golfers, every thing else is personal style and preference. Many recreational golfers, including myself for way too many years used the golf club like a baseball bat and did not understand what happens in the impact zone.

Once I learned how to use the tool properly things changed drastically for me when it came to hitting a golf ball with power and efficiency. Here is a great video from Dr. Golf explaining what actually happens in the impact zone when the great golfers use the club properly and take advantage of the two lever tool.

Once you understand this concept, then the angle of attack comes into play. That is where the IronSolid enters the picture. The IronSolid will train you to hit the golf ball with a descending blow with your irons and hybrid clubs. Without going into a bunch of technical material, the mean tour average angle, regardless of the tour pro swinging the club is 24 degrees from the horizontal. This is player specific depending upon the players stature, but they all come in at a steeper angle of attack than you might think. They all hit the ball first then the turf on the target side of the ball. Every one of them in the fraternity do the same thing, otherwise they wouldn’t be touring professionals at the highest level.

Learn to use the tool (golf club) and your game will improve. HIt It Solid.  IronSolid!


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