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Hit Solid Irons - IronSolid

The pursuit of a well struck iron shot

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Frequently Asked Questions About the IronSolid

Frequently Asked Questions About the IronSolid Golf Training Device

Q: Can the IronSolid be used with the Driver?

A: The IronSolid was not designed to be used with a driver. The IronSolid is used with irons and hybrid clubs, we have also used the IronSolid with 3 woods and 5 woods when hitting the golf ball from the turf.

Q: What is the correct position from the front of the IronSolid to place the practice ball?

A: We suggest placing the practice ball four-ball lengths in front of the IronSolid as a good starting point. You can adjust the ball as needed based upon your physical stature and your swing arc. Finding the perfect swing arc is the beauty of using the IronSolid, the goal is to hit the golf ball first then take a divot on the target side of the ball.

Q: Can the IronSolid be used from a sand trap?

A: Absolutely, the IronSolid can be used from fairway bunkers and greenside bunkers effectively, you may have to adjust the positioning of the practice ball based upon the condition and type of shot you are working on.

Q: Can the IronSolid be used out of the rough?

A: Absolutely, to advance a golf ball out of the rough the number one goal is to strike the ball first with a descending blow, the IronSolid is a great training device for teaching a golfer to play out of the rough.

Q: Will the IronSolid break?

A: We have damage tested the IronSolid, the patented material the IronSolid is made from will not crack or break. We have seen the product pick up marks and creases when it is violently hit with an iron, but we have not been able to break the product.

Q: If I hit the IronSolid with my club will it damage my club?

A: No, the IronSolid will not damage or mark your golf club, it will not alter the loft or lie of the club. The IronSolid is made of a highly plyable resin and was designed not to break, mar or alter your golf club if you strike it while practicing

Q: Can you use the IronSolid with other training devices?

A: One of the best training devices to pair with the IronSolid is an alignment stick, other wise the IronSolid is a stand alone iron shot training device

Q: I already hit solid irons, will the IronSolid benefit me?

A: It could be used as a device to keep you sharp, many teaching pro’s use the IronSolid to make sure their angle of attack stays grooved. Also the device is a good aid if you are trying to learn to work the ball, right to left, left to right, high and low. It all depends upon the club head path and the ball position.

Q: Is the IronSolid effective for chip and pitch shots?

A: Yes, the IronSolid works very well with both type of shots